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Download -In 1764 there were three ordinary people 2

Download -Scholar Phase Assessment letter with 3 systems

Download -Reimbursement Form

Download -Phases of leadership ed – Poster

Download –Example Registration Packet_Fall 2015

Student Council: This includes the interview questions and instructions.   Consider having your student council change at the calendar year instead of the school year.  This allows the student body time to get to know the candidates before voting and if the student council is in charge of things like the scholar ball at the end of the year or the student retreat at the beginning of the year those things are in the middle of their term (during the summer) instead of the end or beginning.

Student Council

Robert’s Rules:  I recommend reading the first page, and even sending it out in an email to the membership.  Then the Quick Sheets should be printed out on one page and put into a sheet protector.  Make these available every business meeting.

Download – Robert’s Rules General Information

Download – Robert’s Rules Quick Sheet 1

Download – Robert’s Rules Quick Sheet 2


Foundations Project Binder Content Thank you Kelley Reyes for letting us use this Project that you put together!  If your school does not yet have a School Constitution that you can study for this project substitute our nations Constitution.

Quest parent letter this is in a Word doc so you can edit as you see fit.  Thanks to Becky Doughty for putting this together.

The 4 “E’s” of Junior School (click here, then right click on the pop-up image and select “save image as”)

Parent Representative packet for use with new and existing members.  Video Instructions here.