1. Introduction
2. Registration Categories
3. License Fees and Insurance
4. Building Fees
5. Admin Costs and Sum Up
6. Scholarships & Waivers
1. Scholar Introduction
2. Budgets, Proposals, Field Trips and Culminating Activities
3. Scholarships & Waivers
1. Junior Introduction & Snack
2. Junior Art Fees
3. Junior Class Fees

If you are a treasurer you can request this spreadsheet from NCS via email.

Treasury spreadsheet image

(Get the email address from your Torchbearer or Chairman.)  Include your name, your position, your school and your Gmail address in the email.

The following videos are in Jing format and are all under 5 minutes each.

How to Access:


Instructions #1


Instructions #2


Scholar Classes – How to correctly delete students


Bug fixes since January 2016:

How to make the Bank Deposit Descriptions tab add ALL the rows: http://screencast.com/t/m2ob1UBMzRV

Here are two very valuable links:

This one will walk you through what you need to know about getting your first checking account:
Getting an EIN from the IRS   By Carol L. Topp, CPA


If you are looking into becoming a 501c3 then please make an appointment.
This one will answer an important question if you are a 501c3 and changing your board members:
New EIN for New Officers? By Carol L. Topp, CPA

Carol L. Topp, CPA is a great resource for Homeschool Groups.  Check out her website here: homeschoolcpa.com