This is a complete Training of how the Junior Program systems work.

1. Junior Program Introduction

4. Junior Training Meeting 

2. Rotation Schedule and Debrief format

5. Use Your own Genius Class

3. Junior Rotation System

6. Junior Director Responsibilities

**** Download Junior Commonwealth Training Outline 2015 by Amy and Brenda ****


Below are links to these trainings in the original format.  The links will take you to Blackboard Elluminate where they are currently housed.  My experience with them is that they will not work on a mobile device and may not even work on a Mac computer.   Which is why they are now in the new YouTube format and housed on this site like the other mp4 trainings in the library.

Recording 1 approx 60 min with 30 min of Q&A

Recording 2 approx 60 min with 30 min of Q&A