As we begin our NCS journey the first phase we find ourselves in is Gathering Phase.  This phase has two main goals.

1) To create a solid culture of a family based community that runs on “Parent Power,”  it is volunteer based and has a reputation for family excellence.

2) To identify the “Leadership Team of Three.”  The torchbearer will be training the families in the educational philosophy of her school and the vision that she has for the school.  She will identify two other families that are willing to do the hard work to see this vision come to fruition.

There are six+ modules in the Gathering Phase Training.  Please take notes as you are going through the training.  We want to know what you have questions about and how we can clarify things for you.  We will debrief this at the end of the training.


1. Welcome

2. Discover Your Call

3. Vision

4. Building Your Team

5.Trainings for Your School

6. Choices

In the second session we are going to focus on sharing your Vision

1. Vision – Mission – Strategy
2. Vision – Boarding
3. Audience
4. 5-point Compelling Story
5. Elevator Pitch

In this session we are going to be talking about the 7 principles of a NCS as they fit into the Commonwealth School Phases of Gathering, Founding and Daisy/Strengthening.

1. 7 Principles of NCS (phase 1 – gathering)
2. 7 Principles of NCS (phase 2 – finding)
3. Daisy Strengthening

Timeline of Phases that a commonwealth goes through to reach full maturity.

1. Turning Education Updsite Down!
2. Timeline – Gathering Phase 1
3. Timeline – Gathering Phase Goals
4. Timeline – Founding Phase
5. Timeline Daisy Strengthening Phase
1. Officer Structure

2. NCS Leadership