If you have just been elected to your schools Executive Committee I highly recommend that you watch the video below that corresponds to your position as well as any videos that pertain to positions that are in your return and report line.

Watching the rest of the Executive Committee trainings would also be beneficial.

Please go here and watch the Junior Director Trainings as well.

1. Chairman Intro

2. Chairmanship Points 1-4

3. Chairmanship Points 5-8

4. Chairmanship Points 9-13

In most cases I recommend that you watch all of the Gathering Phase videos as well as the Financial Workshop, Junior Director and Principle Mentor videos.

1. Administrative Co-Chair Intro

2. Administrative Co-Chair Points 1-2

3. Administrative Co-Chair Points 3-7

4. Administrative Co-ChairPoints 8-10

1. Parent Representative Intro

2. Parent Representative Systems and Structure

3. Parent Representative Points 1-2

4. Parent Representative Points 3-5

5. Parent Representative Points 6-9